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 Post subject: Silly fics
PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2012 10:15 pm 
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Well, here's a fic that took place one magical eve.

Maybe it was the full moon, maybe it was the beer, or maybe it was my lack of tablet and Bertram Quest.

Whatever the reason, here ya go.

The mares all around eyed his flank enviously, for they fell in love with this foreign stranger. Even the Mayor herself came to see this alicorn. She ordered Pinkie to prepare the greatest party ever. Even the Wonderbolts heard of this mysterious alicorn. Then AJ took him back to the barn. And then they fell asleep because they were exhausted. When he woke up, he looked at AJ in the morning sun.
She was beautiful.
And he was hung-over and he puked on.
And then she got mad.
They used to say Suroh was the most feared pony in all of Equestria… But they don't say that anymore… Not after AJ, not after Kicks McGee.
Suroh went mad with lust for revenge. He shouted at the heavens, "I will have my revenge because I am Suroh!!!". So he plotted his revenge day in and day out and Spike tried to butter up Rarity, but she doesn't like butter.

One Day Suroh returned.
AJ saw him and eyed him suspiciously.
He jumped 1000 feet into the air. And then AJ jumped 1000 feet into the air.
And they started beating the buck out of each other. But it was in the moment he had lost his third tooth, that he realized he had left his oven on. And suddenly the mountain exploded!
Massive chunks of rock and Kraft Dinner were about to rain down on all of Ponyville!

Twilight was horrified at Spike's erotic letter to Rarity and said "Spike! The girls don't like erotic letters! Try flowers or gems!" And then Spike pushed Twilight out of the way of a massive boulder.
And the boulder fell on him!

Suroh flew back to his exploded cave and got in his giant robot.
Applejack also had a giant robot, and got in hers too.

Twilight began to cry over Spike! "WHY DOES GRAVITY HAVE TO EXIST! WHY!!!!"
Suroh's robot threw AJ's robot onto the Apple family's barn.
Applejack told Big Mac to go to the store and get some more shampoo, because they were out. Then! Suroh activated his nuclear fission machine and shot it at AJ! But then! Spike broke through the rock and wasn't dead anymore! "How?", Twilight asked.
"You can't kill love!" said Spike, and they hugged.

AJ's robot was getting beaten by nuclear science and time was not much left! Spike flew into the air triumphantly! "Spike! Where will you go?", asked Twilight. "I'm going to save AJ! I owe her 50 cents!".
A thunderstorm brewed, and Suroh shot a million missiles at Spike. Twilight used magic to save Ponyville from the rocks and Kraft dinner and Spike from the missiles! Spike karate chopped Surohbot’s leg and it exploded! But! It was it too late! AJ wasn't moving! "S-spike...." AJ said. AJ's heart was having trouble beating. Suroh charged up his fission gun and laughed so hard spit came out. "How do you like dem’ apples!" He proclaimed.



But Spike had jumped in front of the laser and saved AJ from death! Suroh was mad and angry! He tried to punch the Ajbot, but Spike stopped his fist! He kicked the robot and it flew into the mountain.
"S-SPIKE!" AJ strained. But from nowhere, Surohbot hit Spike, and Spike was down like when the boulder was on him. Spike was about to die!
"NOOOO" AJ said.


Spike...had been defeated...

AJ began to cry! She never told Spike how much she loved him!
The Surohbot's leg exploded, though because it was in bad shape.
So, Surohbot began crawling towards AJ's bot.
But, a shadow loomed over Surohbot, and he looked up... It was the mighty Twibot! "

You killed Spike... NOW I WILL KILL YOU!". And the mighty Twibot smashed the broken Surohbot. Twilight went to Spike’s side, and AJ and Rarity were also there.

"Spike" Twilight said "Why did you do that?"
"Because a promise made is a debt unpaid..." said Spike, weakly "I hope were even AJ, I'm sorry I couldn't pay you..."
"Spike, that apple was a gift, you didn't need to pay for it."
"Spike, I actually do like butter" Said Rarity.
And even though Spike had broken almost all of his bones and organs, the thought of 3 attractive mares who really, really liked him healed him instantly.

And then Spike and AJ went to the barn. And Twilight and Rarity were there too.
They were all exhausted and fell asleep on the hay.
And that's how Rarity learned that she liked butter.
The end.

The things we save for posterity.

I'm not usually on
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