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 Post subject: Log of Interviews
PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2014 1:09 am 
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As an experiment(?), I suppose, I feel like trying to interview people. To understand people, etc, etc, you know how it goes.
It spun off a good while ago when I wondered what other people are thinking.
To begin it all, I started with everyone's favorite forgetting-to-fly guy, ToastyYogurtTime!


(00:36:39) Doodle: Do you believe in any sort of religion?
(00:36:57) ToastyYogurtTime: Good question.
(00:38:23) ToastyYogurtTime: I try not to, it seems like everything can be explained by science nowadays. But once in a while the idea of fate/destiny gets to me (not sure if that counts). I try to ignore the idea because it will often leave me depressed.
(00:40:08) Doodle: So you occasionally dwell on the idea of a God or something on the sort, but for the most part, you believe that science explains everything?
(00:41:18) ToastyYogurtTime: Eh, something like that. But yeah, for the most part I believe in science.
(00:41:31) Doodle: Got it.
(00:41:41) Doodle: What do you believe is the purpose of life, if any?
(00:42:52) ToastyYogurtTime: I think that's up to the individual.
(00:43:24) ToastyYogurtTime: It's like Sim City. There's no set goal, but you can make your own if it helps.
(00:44:08) Doodle: I see.
(00:45:39) Doodle: This sort of goes hand in hand with religion, but what do you think happens when we die? Do we simply lose all consciousness, essentially sleeping forever, or do you believe our mind simply sits there, stuck inside itself, constantly thinking, similar to a dream or something?
(00:47:11) ToastyYogurtTime: I would like to think we reincarnate, but that doesn't seem to be very realistic. I think losing all consciousness is the most realistic one, though it would be kinda cool if the mind was just left to think forever.
(00:47:57) Doodle: On a similar note, do you believe in souls?
(00:49:07) ToastyYogurtTime: Hmmm.... nah. It's a cool idea, but I think the mind is the true soul.
(00:51:07) Doodle: Got it.
(00:51:15) Doodle: Do you think time will ever end?
(00:55:52) ToastyYogurtTime: Maybe someday, in the distant future. Maybe not time, but I'll bet eventually the sun will burn out and end life on this planet and likely this galaxy, unless something else happens that causes an apocalypse.
(00:56:04) ToastyYogurtTime: Does that answer your question?
(00:57:50) Doodle: Sort of.
(00:58:26) ToastyYogurtTime: Hmmm.
(00:58:31) Doodle: I should've worded that better;
Do you think the universe will ever, simply put, not exist?
(00:59:55) ToastyYogurtTime: Hmmmm.....
(00:59:59) ToastyYogurtTime: Like, poof?
(01:00:54) Doodle: Yeah.
(01:01:58) ToastyYogurtTime: That sounds crazy.
(01:02:09) ToastyYogurtTime: I think an apocalypse type thing is more likely.
(01:02:20) Doodle: Got it.
(01:03:03) Doodle: What are your motivations?
(01:03:16) Doodle: For living life as you do, I mean?
(01:04:01) ToastyYogurtTime: That is a tough question, and requires a long explanation, I think. But here goes.
(01:08:50) ToastyYogurtTime: Motivation is something I still feel I'm not quite sure I'm approaching right. I know where I want to be in life yet I don't feel motivated to getting there, as if it'll just happen automatically. When I am motivated, it's because I found a game or show or comic that I am hooked into. Those kinda moments are when I feel motivated, when I feel like I have a purpose. Otherwise I just float around in cyberspace, feeling lost and purposeless, because I have no motivation to anything else at the current moment. Recently I've been trying to fix that, try to keep myself occupied with these things so I can continue to feel motivated and continue to feel like I have a purpose.
(01:11:36) Doodle: So, if I'm getting this right, you mainly feel motivated when you're hooked on something, otherwise you feel no motivation and unable to find a purpose?
(01:12:05) ToastyYogurtTime: Pretty much.
(01:12:46) Doodle: Interesting.
(01:12:58) Doodle: Why do you feel motivated to feel nice to people?
(01:14:38) ToastyYogurtTime: Because if I'm nice to people, most of the time they'll be nice to me, and I'd rather have kindness and a long lasting friendship than taking advantage of people.
(01:15:38) Doodle: Alright.
(01:16:40) Doodle: Do you think that, since one day, we're all going to die, it matters what you do? In other words, do you think it matters whether you plant a tree or not, even if it in no way affects you, but rather the people that come after you?
(01:18:43) ToastyYogurtTime: I think it does. We will die but in ways, our efforts have the ability to live on, so I think it's good to do something that positively affects society.
(01:21:28) Doodle: Got it.
(01:24:06) Doodle: Do you think, to quote Gravity Falls, Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, or do you think it's all real?
Are we truly here, or are we just puppets, toys, or something that simply isn't what we think it is?
(01:24:43) ToastyYogurtTime: Hmmm, either I haven't seen that episode or I forgot it. :P
(01:28:51) ToastyYogurtTime: As long as I have free will, or at least believe I do, I don't mind what "reality" is. Reality is what we believe it to be, and I might be the only person who watched the Matrix that believes some of us would be better off believing that the Matrix is real life.
(01:30:50) Doodle: I see.
(01:32:50) Doodle: So, by that, you mean that reality is whatever you perceive it to be?
(01:33:08) Doodle: There is no one "right" reality?
(01:33:20) ToastyYogurtTime: Yeah, that's a good way of putting it.
(01:33:39) Doodle: Interesting.
(01:33:41) ToastyYogurtTime: If it gets you through life without hurting anybody, it's a good perspective.
(01:34:37) Doodle: So if it doesn't hurt anyone, then it's fine with you then?
(01:35:00) ToastyYogurtTime: Yep.
(01:35:14) ToastyYogurtTime: That's probably my biggest philosophy.
(01:36:16) Doodle: Got it. That answers another one of my questions then.
(01:36:48) Doodle: What do you think about conspiracies, such as global warming, government mind-control, etc?
(01:38:27) ToastyYogurtTime: Many conspiracies seem silly, and to me unfounded. I think they just serve to worry people most of the time.
(01:39:51) Doodle: Do you think there will be any society that is perfect?
(01:41:59) ToastyYogurtTime: Nope. Society is too complicated to be something that can easily be perfected. Too many factors and they can't all be controlled, at least not by one party.
(01:43:06) Doodle: Do you think there would be a downside to being perfect?
(01:43:56) ToastyYogurtTime: To a perfect society?
(01:44:12) Doodle: Yeah
(01:46:47) ToastyYogurtTime: If society were to become perfect, I can't imagine it lasting too long, with so many people involved in something like a society it can change uncontrollably. And when it does we will long for the days when times were perfect. At least, that's a theory.
(01:47:49) Doodle: I see.
(01:48:42) Doodle: What are your biggest ambitions?
(01:49:54) ToastyYogurtTime: To be a respectable indie developer.
(01:50:15) Doodle: And why is that?
(01:50:58) ToastyYogurtTime: I have a lot of ideas for games, and I'd like to see them through.
(01:52:44) Doodle: Interesting. What is your job right now then?
(01:53:09) ToastyYogurtTime: School.
(01:53:23) Doodle: Oh, okay.
(01:53:29) ToastyYogurtTime: I'm 18, going into college soon. :P
(01:53:43) ToastyYogurtTime: Though I do occasionally work as a security guard.
(01:54:40) Doodle: And you simply don't have the skills to work as a developer at the moment, is that why you're not developing at the moment then?
(01:55:07) ToastyYogurtTime: Right.
(01:56:35) Doodle: I understand.
(01:57:29) Doodle: If you could have anything happen right now, anything at all, what would it be?
(01:57:59) ToastyYogurtTime: Time.
(01:59:19) Doodle: A good idea, I agree.
(02:00:12) Doodle: And finally, since I'm out questions and I need sleep soon, I'll end with the same ol' question that Nintendo Power used to end their interviews with:
If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
(02:00:45) ToastyYogurtTime: :lol: I miss Nintendo Power.
(02:00:58) ToastyYogurtTime: The ability to transform into anything.
(02:01:28) Doodle: Fascinating!
(02:01:35) Doodle: I'll need to hear those game ideas sometime.
(02:01:57) ToastyYogurtTime: I think I have good ideas.
(02:02:10) Doodle: Mind if I post this interview on the forums here? I don't think you would mind, but I want to check, just to be safe.
(02:02:37) ToastyYogurtTime: Sure.
(02:03:09) Doodle: Got it!
(02:03:28) Doodle: Thank you for your time!

"...Not everything in life is for throwing at people." -CD Trophy Description, Super Smash Bros 4
...And that's that!
Toodles, from Doodle!
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