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 Post subject: Random chat battles
PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:52 pm 
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Joined: Fri Feb 03, 2012 8:05 pm
Posts: 270
Basically just copy and paste any forum battles here for safe keeping,

Aqueous casts whack
(21:14:27) Aqueous: RevolverFlare dies
(21:14:30) RevolverFlare: but it failed!
(21:14:37) Applejacklove: OOhhh whack.
(21:14:41) RevolverFlare: Revolver uses Quick Revive
(21:14:52) Aqueous: 2 exp. gained
(21:14:53) RevolverFlare: 50000000 hp restored!
(21:15:05) Applejacklove: Applejack does Hot lick.
(21:15:19) RevolverFlare: Revolver casts SMEXY PONY OVERLOAD!
(21:15:20) Applejacklove: Kills instantly again.
(21:15:26) RevolverFlare: Aqueous is confused!
(21:15:51) RevolverFlare: Aqueous hurts himself in his confusion!
(21:16:16) RevolverFlare: Revolver does BLLLLAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH
(21:16:26) RevolverFlare: IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!
(21:16:33) Applejacklove: Applejack love dies from attack.
(21:17:17) Aqueous: Aqueous casts kazing, Applejack love is revied
(21:18:12) Applejacklove: Applejacklove uses Steel strike.
(21:18:50) Applejacklove: Revolvertakes 2 damage
(21:19:18) RevolverFlare: Revolver uses Taunt!
(21:19:36) RevolverFlare: Aqueous and Applejacklove are enraged!
(21:19:48) RevolverFlare: Attacl increases!
(21:20:01) RevolverFlare: Sp. Attack increases!
(21:20:16) RevolverFlare: Accuracy decreases!
(21:20:23) RevolverFlare: *Attack
(21:21:48) Aqueous: Aqueous attacks with poison needle, It kills Revolver instantly
(21:22:08) RevolverFlare: Revolver faints!
(21:22:20) RevolverFlare: SquiggleTail! Go!
(21:22:30) Applejacklove: Applejacklove calls out skull kid.
(21:22:40) RevolverFlare: SquiggleTail uses Druken Kung Fu Chop!
(21:23:46) Applejacklove: It does 70 gamage.
(21:24:04) RevolverFlare: and it also does 70 damage
(21:24:17) Applejacklove: Skull kid used majora's mask.
(21:25:06) Aqueous: the moon crashes down
(21:25:36) RevolverFlare: SquiggleTail uses his BFF's to hold the moon in place!
(21:25:58) RevolverFlare: *BFF=Big Friends (Forever)
(21:26:26) Aqueous: (squiggleTail has Big F*^&ing Freaks!?)
(21:26:45) Applejacklove: Applejacklove uses Superman.
(21:27:02) RevolverFlare: GO! BATMAN!
(21:27:11) RevolverFlare: Batman uses Kryptonite Bullet
(21:27:12) Applejacklove: Noooooooooo!
(21:27:33) RevolverFlare: Batman also does what he wants
(21:27:49) Applejacklove: Superman instantly faints
(21:28:59) Aqueous: Aqueous moves queen to e5, batman is killed, check
(21:29:20) Applejacklove: And mate.
(21:29:46) RevolverFlare: Batman gets mad, and flips the board over. He then proceeds to beat Aqueous to a bloody pulp. Why?
(21:29:51) RevolverFlare: 'CAUSE
(21:29:52) RevolverFlare: HE
(21:29:53) RevolverFlare: DOES
(21:29:55) RevolverFlare: WHAT
(21:29:56) RevolverFlare: HE
(21:29:58) RevolverFlare: WANTS
(21:30:01) RevolverFlare:
(21:30:15) Applejacklove: Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Aqueous!
(21:30:57) Aqueous: impossible water can't be beat to a pulp, batman drowns
(21:31:40) RevolverFlare: Nope, Batman uses his trustee utility belt, and takes out his scuba gear.
(21:31:46) RevolverFlare: Afterwards
(21:32:10) RevolverFlare: He freezes Aqueous, and smashes him into little pieces
(21:33:09) Applejacklove: Applejacklove uses the elements of harmony to turn batman to stone.
(21:33:13) Aqueous: fairy comes out of bottle, Aqueous is restored
(21:33:42) RevolverFlare: But it failed! Batman doesn't believe in friendship!
(21:34:44) Applejacklove: Appljacklove askes Aqueous to use masterball
(21:37:11) Aqueous: Aqueous used Master ball, caught a batman, nicknamed him bruce wane
(21:37:33) RevolverFlare: GO! Robin!
(21:37:55) RevolverFlare: Also, you missed the "y" in wayne.
(21:38:10) RevolverFlare: Wait, Robin is evolving!
(21:38:12) Applejacklove: Go, Superboy!
(21:38:20) RevolverFlare: Robin is now Nightwing!
(21:38:26) Aqueous: *Thomas comes back with snack* "Why are you trying to kill my dragon quest character?
(21:38:39) Aqueous: Aqueous casts magic brust
(21:39:49) RevolverFlare: Nightwing uses FLASHPOINT! THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE HAS BEEN REBOOTED!
(21:40:07) Aqueous: (Okay what?)
(21:40:19) RevolverFlare: Let me explain
(21:40:31) RevolverFlare: There was an event recently called Flashpoint
(21:40:54) RevolverFlare: Afterwards, the entire DC line-up was rebooted
(21:41:02) RevolverFlare: Thus, making the New 52
(21:41:18) Aqueous: huh?
(21:41:44) Applejacklove: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Superboy pulverizes Nightwing before universe was reset.
(21:42:27) RevolverFlare: This battle is now considered non-canon, so none of this ever happened
(21:42:51) Aqueous: I see......
(21:43:16) Aqueous: checks dragon quest 9, still is lv99 +1 sage
(21:43:29) Aqueous: well that's good
(21:44:14) Aqueous: checks for MLP FiM, no longer exists...
(21:44:22) Applejacklove: I got 9 though I'm not that far.
(21:44:56) Applejacklove: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo​oooo!

 Post subject: Re: Random chat battles
PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 8:09 pm 

Joined: Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:19 pm
Posts: 77
(18:53:00) RevolverFlare: I
(18:53:01) RevolverFlare: DO
(18:53:03) RevolverFlare: WHAT
(18:53:04) RevolverFlare: I
(18:53:05) RevolverFlare: WANT
(18:53:07) Aqueous: Your a dirty boy
(18:53:10) RevolverFlare: :cool:
(18:53:58) Applejacklove: Uhhg, the filth.
(18:54:16) Aqueous: ha, saved that battle
(18:54:22) Applejacklove: It burns my eyes.
(18:54:49) RevolverFlare: Let us post some more!
(18:55:02) Aqueous: this is not that forum
(18:55:08) RevolverFlare: *insert smexy Fluttershy pic here*
(18:55:19) RevolverFlare: I'm never gonna get banned!
(18:55:45) Aqueous: Tare ban revolverflare
(18:56:04) RevolverFlare: LiquidVolt- "Ruining your childhood and other hobbies since 1995"
(18:56:07) Applejacklove: Yes but at least consider the children.
(18:56:27) RevolverFlare: I have no consideration for the children.
(18:56:29) Aqueous: I got it, I'll invite them
(18:56:45) RevolverFlare: Hmm, what's this?
(18:56:45) Applejacklove: You mean them?
(18:56:48) RevolverFlare: Some HARDCORE
(18:56:56) RevolverFlare: Clop material?
(18:57:04) RevolverFlare: I wonder
(18:57:08) Aqueous: Yes those 3
(18:57:09) RevolverFlare: should I post it here?
(18:57:32) RevolverFlare: Oh, Twilight, that doesn't go in your mouth!
(18:57:44) Applejacklove: Please don't. I mean it this time.
(18:57:46) RevolverFlare: You dirty, dirty filly
(18:58:11) Applejacklove: Alright then I'm gone.
(18:58:34) RevolverFlare: Test me, Aqueous. See how far I'll go!
(18:58:50) ChatBot: Applejacklove logs out of the Chat.
(18:59:14) RevolverFlare: And some people just can't take a joke.

 Post subject: Re: Random chat battles
PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 5:22 pm 
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Joined: Fri Feb 03, 2012 8:05 pm
Posts: 270
(18:15:04) ChatBot: Aqueous logs into the Chat.
(18:15:35) ChatBot: RevolverFlare logs into the Chat.
(18:15:38) Buob uses tackle
(18:16:02) Buob: It's not very effective.
(18:16:06) RevolverFlare: Hello, Aqueous
(18:16:12) Aqueous: hello again
(18:16:34) Buob uses charm

It's SUPER ineffective.
(18:16:49) Aqueous: throws pokeball
(18:17:30) Buob: It bounces off Buob
(18:18:02) Buob is now lurking for about 20 minutes.
(18:18:15) Aqueous: Ah, that's what you were up to
(18:18:35) Aqueous: screams in rage as they work on jumpmad

 Post subject: Re: Random chat battles
PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 5:25 pm 
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Joined: Fri Feb 03, 2012 8:05 pm
Posts: 270
(19:20:42) Buob uses ban on RevolverFlare. It missed!
(19:23:04) Tare: (18:20:42) Buob uses ban on RevolverFlare. It missed!
Tare ponders

 Post subject: Re: Random chat battles
PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 7:00 pm 

Joined: Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:19 pm
Posts: 77
(17:43:57) RevolverFlare: If I where to ever make a trailer for Project:Revolver or what ever it's going to be called, it would be based on this.
(17:44:53) ChatBot: Wildvine53 logs out of the Chat.
(17:44:56) ChatBot: Wildvine53 logs into the Chat.
(17:45:21) Wildvine53: I learned nothing from that Trailer, they just danced.
(17:45:34) RevolverFlare: Exactly
(17:45:53) RevolverFlare: Switch the characters with my own, and BINGO!
(17:45:54) Wildvine53: SO you want to keep the project mysterious?
(17:46:01) RevolverFlare: You got yourself a McMuffin
(17:46:19) RevolverFlare: Yes
(17:46:36) RevolverFlare: Actually, I've always wanted to do something with that dance
(17:46:48) Wildvine53: MC Muffin, I think that should be your new name.
(17:47:33) RevolverFlare: Although
(17:47:47) RevolverFlare: if I REALLY wanted to be mysterious
(17:48:01) RevolverFlare: I would use this instead.
(17:48:54) Wildvine53: lol random dancing in rice fields.
(17:50:08) toothless_gummi: definitely use the lucky star one! lol
(17:51:25) RevolverFlare: (17:45:53) RevolverFlare: Switch the characters with my own, and BINGO!
(17:46:01) RevolverFlare: You got yourself a McMuffin

(17:54:22) Wildvine53: Adding it to the chat log?
(17:54:39) RevolverFlare: Eeyup

I guess that it's settled. We're using the Lucky Star intro as the official trailer for the currently untitled Revolver Project.

 Post subject: Re: Random chat battles
PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:53 pm 
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Joined: Fri Feb 03, 2012 8:05 pm
Posts: 270
(16:12:17) Aqueous: tomorrow night revolver, he is...
(16:12:51) RevolverFlare: ?
(16:13:52) Aqueous: coming
(16:14:42) RevolverFlare: Who?
(16:15:21) Aqueous: Him
(16:16:03) Aqueous: you were gone when I said who last night
(16:16:23) Aqueous: I got a response, they are coming, the others approved :twisted:
(16:17:09) RevolverFlare: Insubordiantion?
(16:17:27) Aqueous: What?
(16:17:52) RevolverFlare: As in, are you betraying me?
(16:18:05) Aqueous: Hmmmm, not sure
(16:18:14) Aqueous: It is a project member
(16:18:46) RevolverFlare: Are you talking about TeeJay?
(16:18:48) Aqueous: But who
(16:19:30) Aqueous: I'll leave you wonder, 5pm MST you shall know, muahahahhaha
(16:20:08) RevolverFlare: Thanks for warining me
(16:20:15) RevolverFlare: I won't be on at that time
(16:20:53) Aqueous: That's when TC comes in
(16:21:15) RevolverFlare: I'll give you a letter for her
(16:21:37) Aqueous: What project member is missing that the others would not worry about you if they came?
(16:22:14) RevolverFlare: Wait, what?
(16:22:44) Aqueous: I love riddles and puzzles of this sort, sorry
(16:23:12) Aqueous: play on and find out
(16:23:33) RevolverFlare: What?
(16:23:48) Aqueous: or wait and see if you can find someone who paid attention, was on and remembers
(16:24:05) Aqueous: They are still checking the other site
(16:24:09) RevolverFlare: What?
(16:25:06) Aqueous: I'm making a game out of this, I'm kind of bored
(16:25:42) RevolverFlare: What?
(16:26:19) Aqueous: I'm going to make you work out who it is
(16:26:40) RevolverFlare: What?
(16:27:50) Aqueous: Wow, I must be doing a great job of this, your stumped, and the twisted face helped me out there
(16:28:48) RevolverFlare: What?
(16:28:55) Aqueous: There are only a few I could mean, I gave you all the hints you'd need, now just read over and think
(16:29:02) Aqueous:​s/members/
(16:30:19) RevolverFlare: What?
(16:31:51) Aqueous: Well you want to know who, I got you to panic, I've played out the clues you need riddle like, and I gave you a list of names, now you just need to think about who I mean rather then panic, freak out and leave. Sorry I love these logic games and I'm a bit bored so I'm playing one with you
(16:32:44) RevolverFlare: ...
(16:32:47) RevolverFlare: What?
(16:33:36) Aqueous: Sigh, I'm making you work to figure out the name of who I'm bringing along, tomorrow night
(16:34:00) RevolverFlare: Que?
(16:34:39) RevolverFlare: Nah, I'm just messing with ya'
(16:35:14) Aqueous: Ah, I was wondering if you where really that dense, it did not make much sense
(16:35:48) Aqueous: I think you'll appreciate who is coming
(16:36:06) RevolverFlare: Yeah, I was just saying "What?" to annoy you.
(16:36:48) Aqueous: Not working, made yourself look really dense, my family, some of them do that alot
(16:37:46) RevolverFlare: What?
(16:38:02) Aqueous: Exactly
(16:38:51) RevolverFlare: Sure, why not
(16:40:43) Aqueous: Good, see you on with them tomorrow, I should almost make another account here, use one of the three names and cause you to panic. My goodness I'm mean, but I won't
(16:41:47) RevolverFlare: Meh, I'm not even mad anymore
(16:42:58) Aqueous: True
(16:43:06) Aqueous: Still avoiding them?
(16:43:35) RevolverFlare: Not really
(16:44:33) Aqueous: Well that's good
(16:45:13) RevolverFlare: So, are you inviting TeeJay?
(16:45:20) RevolverFlare: 'Cause I don't really mind
(16:45:28) Aqueous: Not going to play are you
(16:46:30) Aqueous: ?
(16:46:42) RevolverFlare: Sure, I'll play your "game"
(16:47:32) Aqueous: Well, I gave all the hints without directly saying who
(16:47:52) Aqueous: Well, you've got about 3 choices, I'll say that
(16:48:25) RevolverFlare: I'm sure that it's not Corporal, since he's asleep at that time
(16:48:35) RevolverFlare: KaiserGX isn't part of my project
(16:48:43) RevolverFlare: So, that leaves TeeJay
(16:48:49) Aqueous: Well, he was invited, never respond to that email
(16:50:02) RevolverFlare: :mrgreen:
(16:50:06) RevolverFlare: I know who
(16:50:59) Aqueous: Ah, glad to see you figured it out
(16:51:26) RevolverFlare: I'm sure that this myster person sure does have "heart"
(16:51:47) Aqueous: He might
(16:52:24) RevolverFlare: Well, he sure is a "master" at what he does.
(16:53:20) Aqueous: Yes he would, I'll be back later

 Post subject: Re: Random chat battles
PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2012 3:48 am 

Joined: Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:19 pm
Posts: 77
(02:41:20) RevolverFlare: Image


I need to sleep more.

 Post subject: Re: Random chat battles
PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:14 am 

Joined: Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:19 pm
Posts: 77
(07:03:05) RevolverFlare: Sadly, my computer crashed twice in one night, and I lost two awesome zombie drawings
(07:03:14) Aqueous: Really, you did the same thing when I took your place, and it took awhile to get you to think other wise
(07:04:10) Aqueous: Be nice to Gummi
(07:04:15) RevolverFlare: You used to be my apprentice, Aqueous, until you killed me, so, when gummi does the same thing, then she can be a master too.
(07:05:47) Aqueous: Yeah, no. Shoots Revolver, there done already
(07:06:09) RevolverFlare: It's not as simple as that, of course
(07:07:29) Aqueous: Sigh, well your user name dies in 2-3 months 'I guess then
(07:07:58) RevolverFlare: I guess so...
(07:08:22) Aqueous: kid icarus revolver?
(07:08:28) RevolverFlare: Not yet
(07:08:36) RevolverFlare: I'm getting it today
(07:08:54) RevolverFlare: Hell, I'm staying up for two days!
(07:09:00) Aqueous: ah, shockingly I have gotten mine. I like my palm
(07:09:09) RevolverFlare: Who needs sleep? Am I right?
(07:09:10) Aqueous: Oh, but tonight is project
(07:09:29) RevolverFlare: Like I said, I'm not going to go to sleep
(07:09:36) RevolverFlare: Not for 2 days
(07:09:59) Aqueous: okay, so when is the funearal?
(07:10:15) RevolverFlare: Sometime next week.
(07:10:23) RevolverFlare: Do you want to RSVP now?
(07:10:39) RevolverFlare: Also, who will be your Plus One?
(07:10:46) RevolverFlare: Chicken or Fish?
(07:10:58) RevolverFlare: Man, I really need some sleep
(07:11:12) RevolverFlare: But, sleep is for the weak minded!
(07:11:24) Aqueous: what?
(07:11:40) RevolverFlare: I don't even know anymore
(07:11:50) Aqueous: I'll watch online
(07:12:03) RevolverFlare: I'm saving this...

 Post subject: Re: Random chat battles
PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:36 am 

Joined: Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:19 pm
Posts: 77
(07:58:44) toothless_gummi: I'm gonna say something random....but sadly toothless_gummi would be unhappy if I did that to her ........

 Post subject: Re: Random chat battles
PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:21 pm 

Joined: Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:19 pm
Posts: 77
(08:55:44) toothless_gummi: It's weird how I wait for someone to come online so I can see what kinda people is here (and just so people know I am not the real toothless gummi I am an imposter...AKA her friend XD and she will kill me for putting this up) hehe I want to see if it's worth opening an account....but no one's online ...guess I hit the wrong time ... hehehe maybe tomorrow morning?

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